Vision, Expanded

The short vision statement (draft) says,

The Network envisions churches nationwide enlivened, encouraged, and equipped in true discipleship of the mind through the work of apologetics-trained believers who have learned that knowledge is for the sake of service, and who have developed the skills and mindset necessary to serve alongside their church's ministry leadership, resourcing their churches humbly yet effectively through their ability to teach, persuade, and answer.

Putting more structure on that vision:

The two- to five-year expectation, through prayer, (in draft form) is that:

  • The Network will have expanded to major metropolitan areas whose reach covers the majority of North America,
  • With a multi-role core leadership team and regional and local leaders, equipped and deployed as needed to serve local network locations everywhere (Note: this is the one key factor that will determine how quickly or slowly the Network will grow).
  • With curricula for personal study and ministry¬†training.
  • With apologists' training conferences held regionally each year, with non-apologist ministry leaders (pastors and missions leaders) doing a large share of the training.¬†
  • With an active online community interacting through forums on topics including ministry strategy, resources, shared learning/best practices, and so on.
  • With up to date graphics and design structure for the website. (See more on that here.)
  • With a separate, church- and lay-person friendly search portal for the best apologetics resources based on crowd-sourcing (site currently under independent development).
  • With adequate funds for the core leadership team, and a feasible funding model worked out for chapter operations and leaders' needs.