Purpose, Values, Vision, and Beliefs

(Draft, September 2016)


The Thinking Christian Connection exists to:

  • Locate and build encouraging relationships among believers with a mind for apologetics
  • Explore ways for local-level apologists to grow together in their apologetics craft
  • Encourage them to recognize the strategic importance of serving their local church and community
  • Equip one another with relational and ministry skills to be effective in serving, as part of their local church ministry team according to their gifting, knowledge, and maturity, and according to their churches' leadership needs, plans, and structure.


The Connection places premium value on:

  • The historic truths of biblical Christianity
  • Discipleship of the mind as a key aspect of Christian growth
  • The ministry of the Spirit expressed through the gifts of knowledge, wisdom, and teaching, expressly for the building up of the body of Christ in context of local ministry
  • Relational ministry as the vehicle through which these gifts must be practiced
  • Mission outreach through persuasive, winsome evangelism


The Network envisions churches nationwide enlivened, encouraged, and equipped in true discipleship of the mind through the work of locally networked apologetics-trained believers who have learned that knowledge is for the sake of service, and who have developed the skills and mindset necessary to serve alongside their church's ministry leadership, resourcing their churches humbly yet effectively through their ability to teach, persuade, and answer.

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Any Christian organization must define its beliefs in order to secure its identity. To develop a statement of faith is a large task, however requiring the organization to sift through the foundational beliefs that all believing Christians hold, the narrower set of beliefs that may be of specific importance (in this case, conservative Protestant Christianity), and other beliefs that may or may not be contentious within those boundaries (for example beliefs applying to baptism, eschatology, the age of the universe, and so on).

This Network is too young to have had time to accomplish all that work. Until such time as it does complete it, the Network states its agreement with the statement of faith adopted by the leading on-the-ground apologetics organization Ratio Christi, and requests that its members affirm that same statement. No other organizational connection or affiliation with Ratio Christi is expressed or implied by that agreement.